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World Cancer Day
World Cancer Day

Cancers are by definition and abnormality in your cells which are growing without control. There are enough abnormalities that are developing in our body all the time. These abnormal cells-some of them die while some of them grow uncontrollably. If you look at the evolutionary process, you can see that cancer cells may have an evolutionary advantage over the normal body cells so that they grow and multiply.

Cancer is a condition where abnormal cell growth starts anywhere in the body. So, a breast cancer is an abnormality of the cells as they multiply and spread in the breast in an unregulated way. Similarly, ovarian cancer affects the ovary. An ovary has multiply functions-main function is make eggs that develop to an offspring later. But the commonest kind of ovarian cancer is not related to the egg making cells. There is also a supporting structure of cells called the tissue. Again, there is a lining outside which is like a film outside ovary. It is similar to the film inside the abdominal cavity. Most ovarian cancers start in the epithelium, the outer lining of the ovary.

Diagnosing is the most difficult part in ovarian cancer. Unlike uterine cancer, which causes vaginal bleeding for elderly women when they are not supposed to bleed or a lump in the breast as in case of breast cancer which can be felt easily or a cough with blood stains in lung cancer, ovarian cancer is a silent cancer.

As we mentioned, identifying the symptoms becomes the highest challenge. Our advice to all of them is to get tested for ovarian cancer. In stage 1, the survival rate is around 50% and if it is early stage 1, it is 85% but rarely we do see such people as often patients will be diagnosed only is stage 111.

If diagnosed in the early stages, the outcome will also be better.

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